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PR king Anton Vuima admitted that he led a company against Adam Rubinstein

By November 28, 2020No Comments

The world king of Public Relations Anton Vuima admitted that he led a company against Adam Rubinstein.

Anton Vuima and his PR Agency from Russia SUPREME PR AGENCY recently successfully completed a major PR campaign aimed at exposing Adam Rubinstein. Our client Simon Orian (Arinan) recently suffered from a smear campaign, which was organized by Adam Rubinstein.

Plastic surgeon Adam Rubinstein posted fake reviews of Simon Orian’s work and finally just posted a video on Instagram, where he criticized Orian. That was the last straw. Clearly, Rubinstein was very jealous of our client Orian, since Orian works with Kim Kardashian herself.

We received an order from Simon to restore justice. We have carefully studied the work of Adam Rubinstein. We studied his reviews and contacted several of his former clients. We found that Adam is not as good as he says he is. He often deceives customers and does extremely low-quality things. If the client is too actively outraged or ready to go to court, then Adam pays him off. Its services are much worse in quality than what it says about itself on the site and in advertising. We found a lot of errors, false facts, and offended customers. We began to expose Adam. We used the mass media. The Internet and the media were actively involved. Very soon, Adam’s clients and future clients learned the truth about this insufficiently qualified doctor and his clinic. Adam himself realized that the truth about his work became public and now went to court.

Anton Vuima is considered the king of Darkness PR in Russia. Its entry into the American market will allow many American businessmen to restore justice and punish dishonest competitors. Anton and his Agency can ruin anyone’s reputation. Literally drown reputations. But they carefully select clients and try to denigrate only those who are dishonest.

Although Darkness PR and Anton’s work are common in Russia and Europe, this is one of the first orders in the United States. This type of work allows you to make the market more decent, transparent and efficient.

PR supreme Anton Vuima