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Eager to upgrade to the new MacOS Catalina? You may wan’t to wait for the next update. I will explain why.

I have a Mac Pro late 2013 and I am super happy with it. It’s fast (used to be) it’s quiet (used to be) and it’s cold (used to be) when I put it to sleep…

Yes, used to be. Now the fan runs all the time, it takes several extra seconds to start it up and it runs a few processes during sleep mode witch essentially doesn’t make it sleep.

Quite annoying. I have however found two processes that runs evan during sleep mode (they more or less stop using the CPU if you awaken the machine).


ProcessPath : /Applications/Parallels

Parentally has something to do with parallel desktops.


This is a photo analysis process that go through all your photos and videos. It was released with Sierra but with Catalina it seams to go through all your photos and analyse them again.


If you want your Mac to not die due to overheated CPU, then wait for an update to Catalina before upgrading to it. It will run if it is in sleep mode and will drain your battery if you’re on a laptop. I suggest waiting for the next update.